Cate Blanchet loves Acupuncture

Cate Blanchett loves Acupuncture and natural therapies.

Cate Blanchett loves acupuncture

“After a long flight I like to be pummelled by those big Korean women at traditional bath houses. I also see an acupuncturist for balanced blood flow. Acupuncture is like jumping into the surf – it reverses everything negative,”

Cate declared to British magazine Easy Living.

The Australian star also shared that her best travel companion is her husband.

“My favourite travel companion is my husband. I’m always ‘busy busy busy’ and trying to organise things, and he’s good at putting his hands on my shoulders and saying, ‘let’s just stay in our pyjamas today’.”

The 43 years old also talked about her beauty rituals to look after her pale skin.

“I protect my pale skin with a great German sunscreen called Daylong; as the name suggest, it lasts the whole day. I use it on my kids, too,”

The actress also shared what she keeps in her beauty bag.

“In my beauty bag, there’s SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – decanted into a spray bottle – to keep my skin hydrated, Pawpaw Ointment for cuticles and lips, and a Tom Ford pink lipstick.”

Before the red carpet the Aussie Famous Women has a ritual that is also here for you to copy it if you want for a special event.

“I have a little hotel ritual the night before an event where I apply a SK-II mask. It’s like a drink for your skin,”

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