Cate Blanchett Unphotoshopped

Cate Blanchett is no stranger to stealing the show. The Oscar-winning actress outshines her thespian peers in almost every film or theatre role she takes on.

But now, the mother of three sons is giving cover girls the world over a run for their money.

The actress has appeared on the cover of the March/April issue of Intelligent Life magazine in a photograph that has purposely been left unphotoshopped.

Though Ms Blanchett is still undeniably beautiful in the image, it reveals fine lines and slight shadows beneath the eyes that might usually be airbrushed out.

Her hair and make-up have been left understated and unstyled, and instead of a designer’s latest catwalk creation she wears her own leather jacket.

Describing the image, Tim de Lisle, editor of Intelligent Life, said: ‘She looks like what she is – a woman of 42, spending her days in an office, her evenings on stage and the rest of her time looking after three young children.’

In his editor’s letter he explained that he elected to put the star on the cover to mark the magazine’s 20th issue. By turning his back on the airbrush, though, he is highlighting an interesting issue.

‘When other magazines photograph actresses, they routinely end up running heavily Photoshopped images, with every last wrinkle expunged,’ he wrote.
‘Their skin is rendered so improbably smooth that, with the biggest stars, you wonder why the photographer didn’t just do a shoot with their waxwork…’

While he agrees that Intelligent Life sales will benefit from Ms Blanchett’s star power, this cover, at least, is trying to reflect real life.

Although other magazine editors may lag in following suit, skincare giant SK-11 seems to be on the same page as Mr de Lisle.

The cosmetic company have employed the actress as a spokesperson for more than four years. She is often left quite natural-looking in its advertising campaigns, showing barely any signs of make-up.

The secret cream for Cate Blanchett

She recently told Refinery29 that one of the secrets to her porcelain complexion is emu oil.

‘In indigenous Australian culture, that’s the first oil they put on a baby because it’s so hydrating,’ she said. ‘It’s all pretty basic.’

Source: DailyMail

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