Cavalli admires animal print

Roberto Cavalli thinks God gave animals “the best dresses”.

The Italian designer put leopard print on the style map and loves using other patterns such as zebra stripes or cheetah spots. He’s explained why he is such a huge fan of these markings.

“I love nature,” he said, while giving a talk at Oxford University in the UK last night.

“And animals have the best dresses. God made them so well-dressed. Women like these designs, they feel natural in them.”

The star’s love of colour and sexy aesthetic isn’t for everyone, but he is unapologetic about his pieces. No matter what, Roberto will never tone down his labels.

“I like fashion that is different, minimalism is boring. I am a mountain in the minimalism. Fashion that is not crazy is not fashion. And what is not fashion is American,” he said.

While Roberto has many famous fans, including Naomi Campbell and Selita Ebanks, he has mixed feelings about celebrities promoting labels. He loves seeing stars in his outfits but worries that it’s problematic for up-and-coming faces in the industry.

“It’s not fair,” he insisted. “Big companies pay stars to wear their clothes to wear on the red carpet. Young designers can’t do that, so they will never have the same success. There is also so much advertising today, I don’t like it. I don’t like to suggest what a woman should wear – I want her to choose my clothes without any suggestion.”

Roberto also touched on his early life, which was hard. His father died when he was two, so his mother and sister raised him. She tried as hard as she could but there were certain things his mom couldn’t help Roberto with.Roberto Cavalli attended Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience - Catwalk Arrivals

“Student life was horrible,” he admitted. “I was a difficult child. I didn’t really study anything, I learnt to read and write, but my biggest problem was my stutter. I used to tell my mummy, ‘Why should I learn when I can’t even repeat what I know?’ She’d cry and say, ‘What a disaster of my life.’”

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