37 Celebrities with Acne

Acne Scars Treatments

Acne is a very common problem among famous and non-famous women. I share with you a gallery of very popular celebrities that have or have had acne at one stage of their lives.

Never feel bad about yourself just because you have some pimples.

Acne Scars Treatments

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Recently (2013) I saw this picture of Ashley Benson with some pimples in her forehead.

Ashley Benson Forehead Pimples

Jessica Alba has got skin problems
This is beautiful Jessica Alba

Never feel bad if you have facial acne or skin problems.

Celebrities and Famous people also have them.

Have a look…

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton's Acne?

Not even Kate Middleton has a perfect skin. Click here to see more pictures of Kate’s Skin.

Royal skin also gets pimples. It is believe that even Diana had rosacea.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore is another celebrity that is also considered as perfect.

Demi Moore

I was happy to find her on this very realistic picture where she becomes mortal.
Enlarge the image by clicking on it.

Eva Longoria

This is picture of Eva Longoria where you can see her face has acne. Eva is considered as one of the sexiest women.
We always see her with lots of make up to cover her facial blemishes.

Click here to see more picture of Eva Longoria’s Facial Acne.

Eva Longoria has Skin Troubles

Katie Price

We have seen her without make up and had got the opportunity to observe her imperfect skin.
Click to enlarge all the pictures you see here

Daisy Lowe
Model Daisy Lowe also has acne… Actresses, models, singers, they can’t help it when it comes to pimples.

Ana Beatriz Barros

Did you know that ‘barros’ means ‘pimples’ in Spanish?
Ana Beatriz Barros shows some pimples too. Enlarge the image to see them closer.
Ana Beatriz Barros Beauty Problems

Shay Maria

I admire Shay Maria because she shows herself the way she is… It looks like she is not scared of showing her facial imperfections.
Shay Maria

I thought Pink had a very good skin. We can see on these pictures that she also gets sometimes those terrible blemishes that we dislike.

Ximena Navarrete
Not even Miss Universe has perfect skin. Click on the image and observe how she has got skin imperfections.
Ximena Navarrete

MAggie Grace
This is Actress Maggie Grace, she has got acne problems as many other celebrities.
Young and old we old get them from time to time.
Maggie Grace Pimples

Even Hollywood Most Attractive Women suffer from Acne and their scars.

Nobody is perfect. Celebrities get acne too. Have a look to these images where you can see that not even Hollywood stars are free from skin imperfections such as acne. The way we get to see them on magazines makes us believe that they are perfect but that is not true.

Never feel bad about yourself!

Olivia Wilde
Beautiful Olivia sometimes goes Wilde too with her skin.
Olivia Wilde

Anne Hathway

Beautiful women like Anne Hathway that are considered sexy and beautiful also get acne. She has also got some wrinkles so she will be joining the list of Celebrities with Wrinkles too.
Anne Hathway Facial Acne

See other pictures of Anne Hathway with make up so you can see how it can cove acne.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Penelope Cruz

The Spanish Penelope Cruz suffers from Acne and she has managed to be amont the hottest celebrities in Hollywood.

Penelope Cruz Problemas de acné

Amanda Seyfried

The young Amanda is still suffering from Acne but she has managed to be on the list of the Most Attractive Women in the world.

Amanda Seyfried doesn't have a perfect skin either.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is not perfect either you can see how she has got some small pimples and skin imperfections. She has tried to be so perfect with so much Botox and Cosmetic Surgery but she is still human.

Nicole Kidman's acne

Lea Michele

Lea is a prove that you don’t need to be perfect to be among the Most Attractive women in Hollywood.

Lea Michel Glee's Star

Andrea Bowen

Andrea Bowen | Pictures of Celebrities with Acne

See many more on this Gallery of 25 more celebrities with acne

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  • Megan Fox

    Megan Fox is a famous actress but her acne has made her so famous too.
    Megan Fox also suffers from acne

  • see more pictures of Megan Fox’s skin
  • Victoria Beckham
    Celebrities with Acne: Victoria Beckham also suffered from it
    I am sure Victoria would not like this image to be seen.

    Other Hollywood stars that have acne too and their pictures are not on this gallery are:

    Catherine Zeta Jones

    The Beautiful and sexy Catherine had also suffered from this acne spell.

    Even Hollywood Stars get Acne

    Kourtney Kardashian

    The Kardashian family also has an acne toll to pay.
    Kourtney Kardashian

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