Celebrities Armpits Before Laser Hair Removal

Hilary Swank Hairy Armpits

Hilary Swank has shown hairy underarms in a gala event.

This topic of the hairy underarms is something that stresses me. In a way I do believe that hairless armpits look very pretty but I also feel that there is a lot of pressure to look hairless at all times.

I shave myself everyday and my underarms are far from looking like celebrities do at the Red Carpet. These ladies have baby armpits. No evidence of hair can be seen. I wonder what they do to look like that. MAybe it is the laser hair removal that leaves your armpits like this but for me it is hard to comply with the beauty standard of not hair at all when my hair is dark and even if I shave it doesn’t look as if no hair at all comes from there.

Hair is something natural and the pressure on women looking totally feminine doesn’t accept the presence of hair in our body.

I do believe that for special occasions it is nice to go hair free but what happens on those days when you had no time to look like a baby or like a star and you still need to show your arms with hair. Is this something we should be ashamed of? European ladies worry less about this, French ladies don’t seem to care even for their gala events.

Should we criticize ourselves when we see another woman with hairy armpits when hair is something completely natural?

This is how most celebs look.

Heidi Klum's Breasts and Armpits 2013

A large number of celebrities have been seen with hairy armpits. Here are a few pictures of them.
Mariah CArey Shaved Armpits in 2001

MAriah Carey’s shaved armpits in 2001.

Paris Hilton Shaved Armpits

Paris Hilton’s armpits have also been seen only shaved.

Britney’s armpits

Britney’s hairy armpits have been seen a few times as well.

Beyonce Hairy Armpits

Fergie has also exposed hairy and blond armpits.

Fergie Armpits with hair

Julia Roberts of course has a very famous pic where the entire world got to see her hairy underarms.

Julia Roberts Hairy Armpits

Shay Maria has got some images with shaved underarms.

Shay Maria

Eva Mendes has been seen with underarms that haven’t been through laser hair removal.

Eva Mendes

Is Laser Hair REmoval the answer to this beauty problem?

Are hairy armpits a real beauty problem?

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