Celebrities that Say No to Botox

While some male and female celebrities get Botox like water there are some celebrities that are proud of their wrinkles and they say no to Cosmetic Injections.

Other Celebrities like Kylie Minogue have used them but they are not happy with the results so they decide to stop getting them.

These are some pictures of a few celebrities that have said NO to Botox.

Cate Blanchet

We start with the Aussie Star who shows clearly that she is not getting any Botox.

Cate Blanchet says no to Botox

Marisa Tomey

The 46 years old should be joining the list of celebrities with wrinkles like Carey Mullingan. These pictures tell that she hasn’t got Botox yet.
Marisa Tomey says no to cosmetic injections like botox

Ellen Barkin

Ellen Barkin who is 56 years old says no to Botox and she shows her wrinkles.

Ellen Barkin Wrinkles

Julia Ormond

Julia Ormond says no to Botox

Julia says no to Cosmetic Injections. Is she waiting to get a Facial Lift? She is not even 50 and she has got all these wrinkles.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey has got a large scar on her face

Tina is also on the list of Celebrities with Facial Scars.

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