Celebrities with Dark Circles

Victoria Beckham is now always glamourous, pretty and stylish.

It is believed that she spends lots and lots of money to look the way she does now, but there is one little thing that money can’t hide: eye dark circles.

She was seen like this at the New York fashion show last month published the Femail DailyMail. Some women are getting plasma treatments to reduce the appearance of this enemy cirlces in women’s faces.

The critics say that Victoria is so worried about her body that she is not paying attention to her face. For me, she is tired she is the mother of a small baby, she works, she is busy… this proves that no matter how famous you are you still get tired and literally your health ‘faces’ the consequences like looking tired and developing dark circles around our beautiful eyes.

Giving ourselves some time to rest and sleep is a better cure that can prevent them but sometimes sleeping is just a dream for busy mother….

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