Celebrities that need an eyelift

We are used to see that most faces of the stars look fresh and young. Even when they are on their 50′s.

I like to show pictures of women who are real. In this case I found some images of stars that do show some wrinkles around her eyelids.

Some women tend to develop more wrinkles.

Among celebrities not many of them embrace their ageing signs. Most famous women go and get botox to reduce the appearance of their expression lines.

Vanessa Paradis and Sarah Jessica Parker are showing us that women can still look beautiful with wrinkles.

I don’t think they need an eyelift or cosmetic injections. I just like to show how these common beauty concerns for not famous women are also present among celebrities.

Sarah Jessica Parker 2011
If Sarah Jessica Parker wants to do something to look younger, the actress could consider plastic surgery or go for a non-invasive treatment like Thermage for a facial rejuvenation.

celebrities images that need a facelift Vanesa Paradis: French Actress, Popular for being Jhony Deep´s partner former partner is quite young to show those crows feet wrinkles on that beautiful face.

I believe Vanessa is the kind of lady that embraces her beauty. She has never got a dental treatment to improve her smile either. Instead she has chosen to leave her teeth like this as a personal beauty stamp.

What do you think about these beautiful ladies with wrinkles?

FYI: Non-surgical cosmetic treatments for facial rejuvenation are the most popular treatment among women. Women spend millions of dollars every year on cosmetic injections to look younger.

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