Celebrities with Good Skin

Jessie J

Daisy Lowe

Angelina Jolie

 Nicki Hilton

Dita Von Teese

Dannii Minouge

Britney Spears

Britney Spears hasn’t been famous for having a pretty skin but she is doing something. Either getting a treatment or a cream that is giving her great results on her face.

Gywnett Paltrow

How many things would celebrities do to have a pretty skin? We can see that as human beings that they are Hollywood stars are not perfect but they manage to look pretty.

Rex Brown

It looks like Rex Brown has got a pretty face with good skin and still we can see that she has got some small pimples. Her beautiful face kills any imperfection.

Tulisa Constantavlos

This picture has all the details that fans of Tulisa Constantavlos want to see. We can start from this great facial close up with a pony tail where we can see her ears too. This strapless top that the super famous UK star is wearing shows us her large boobs to compare them with an old picture and see if she has gone through breast cosmetic surgery or not. About her skin, the XFactor Star has a pretty skin indeed.

Una Healy

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker’s skin is a controversial topic. Although she doesn’t have pimples or acne manifestation the NY Famous star suffers of that ageing skin that develops wrinkles and becomes sagging.

Holly Valance

It looks like the Australian star is not only pretty but she also enjoys of a good skin without acne imperfections. About having had cosmetic surgery I believe she has gad a nose job. I like how she presents herself, making a great deal of her beautiful long and shinny hair.

Keira Knightley

In this large facial close up of Keira Knightly we can see that has indeed one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood. She also has a pretty skin although we have seen her in the past in some old pictures with acne pimples. She is doing great as we can see in this picture. Choosing the right food, creams and cosmetic treatments to look at her best.

Scarlett Johanson

Nicole Sherzinger

Niloce Sherzinger’s skin is very pretty. Normally women with darker skin tend to age later.

Kim Kardashian Skin

Kim Kardashian has a pretty facial skin but the super famous reality TV Star has been diagnosed with psoriasis. The model hasn’t presented spots on her face but we never know when they might come up.

Selena Gomez

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