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Selfies are very popular among celebrities. The stars love to capture images of themselves.

I spent some time looking for selfies of the famous women and I found a great variety.

Selfies are for women from all ages and in all different scenarios. We all know the populuar ones like Kim Kardashian showing off her curves and Nicki Minaj exhibiting a lot of skin.

The self-portraits that I published here are more stylish, with good taste.

Alessandra Ambrossio – behind the scenes captures her beauty and plays with her face

A backstage selfie of Alessandra Ambrosio

Merryl Streep and Hillary Clinton pose for a picture to capture the moment
Meryl Streep & Hillary Clinton get a selfie together

Mariska Hargitay captures the moment with other friends at the Hollywood Walk of Fame
MAriska Hargitay gets a selfie at the Hollywood walk of fame with other famous friends

Selfies with friends or only selfies is what everybody is doing now. I have to admit that I have become a “selfie addict” and to be honest not all the time I get to snap what I want but I still have fun. I have also learned to accept my flaws and love myself just by looking at imperfect pictures of myself that don’t capture my best angles.

I got myself started into selfies when I was the only one taking pictures of the everybody else and I didn’t have a good picture of myself. I am also a perfectionist with photography and I didn’t like the pictures that others were taking of myself but to be honest selfies are hard to get them right but I still have fun and I hope one day I can get better.

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