Celebrities have money issues to buy clothes

silver and yellow dress worn by Beth Behrs

Beth Behrs can relate to having “no money for clothes”.

The actress plays Caroline Channing in 2 Broke Girls, a character who started off rich but is left penniless after her businessman father is disgraced.

While she’s never had as much cash as Caroline once did, Beth can understand the role she is playing thanks to her lack of stylish outfits when she was younger.

“I can’t relate to the wealthy thing, but I can definitely relate to the poor thing and Caroline losing everything and not having money for clothes. That’s really easy to relate to with the way I grew up,” she revealed to phillystylemag.com.

“When I graduated, I had that levelling moment that we all have, where you’re working five different jobs just to get the bills paid.”

In her shoot for the article, the 28-year-old wears some gorgeous outfits.

A black and white picture shows Beth smiling in a sheer black blouse tucked into a long, patterned silky skirt.

In another snap, the pretty blonde leaps into the air while holding onto a red Oscar de la Renta prom gown with a strapless bodice.

Another monochrome shot shows Beth in a Burberry Prorsum evening gown, which highlights her slim silhouette thanks to its Grecian top and tight-fitting bottom half.

“I just can’t get over the clothes,” she grinned during the shoot. “They’re absolutely incredible.”

Kat Denning stars alongside Beth in the sitcom.

The curvaceous star recently hit out at people who champion size zero.

“I often get called fat,” she admitted to German magazine Bravo.

“When I moved to Hollywood at the age of 14, I immediately realised: this is not a cool place. I have always hated it!”

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