Celebrities Noses | Natural or Surgery they look Pretty!

Anne Hathaway's Pretty Nose

Anne Hathaway’s short hair showcasts her pretty nose that looks a bit different from her younger days but she is certainly pretty and sophisticated.

Rose Byrne Tiny Nose

Rose Byrne has a tiny nice and pretty nose.

Jennifer Garner's Beautiful nose without surgery?

Jennifer Garner’s smelling organ seems to be 100% natural but who knows.

This is how these beauties looked looked at the red carpet in 2013 at the SAGs Awards. Most people observe their hair and make up but here we like to observe their physical attributes that make them different. We wonder if that beauty is fully natural or not but one thing that we can say is that their faces are gorgeous. I do like their nose shapes, I think they fit their face types.

Jessica Chastain's Boob & Nose | Fake or Real

Jessica Chastain’s nose doesn’t look like it has gone through rhinoplasty!

I have the impression that Julianne Moore’s nose is not plastic at all and very pretty.
Julianne Moore's nose is very pretty

Julia Stones Flat Nose

Julia Stones has a flat nose that matches her face.

Julianna MArguilles Hawk Nose

Julianna MArguiles shows her pretty hawk nose without surgery (I believe).

African Nose: Jordan Sparks

Jordin Sparks with an African style

Claire Danes’s nostrils is not the typical pointy nose that many stars have and she just looks faboulous.

Claire Danes' Nose & Facial Hair

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