Celebrities Do Not Have Perfect Bodies

I have spent so many hours trying to find pictures of celebrities that are not perfect.

Celebrities are all human and they have imperfections too.

We get to see them at glossy magazines with retouches that make them seem perfect but they aren’t.

It is true that most of them do a big effort to have a great body shape. They are in business and their bodies are their main assets.

These pics are not say that they are ugly or fat. Just to show that they are women.

Celebs with Tummy

Kate Beckinsale
Celebs with Tummy

Not all celebrities have the perfect bodies we believe they have.

Ashley Tisdale

Celebrity Ashley Tisdale shows her body on a pink bikini with a small tummy and small breasts.

Not All Celebrities Have Perfect Bodies

Hilary Duff

Not all celebrities have perfect bodies.

See more pictures of Hilary Duff
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Shay Maria Not Retouched

I loved this picture to show it here because it is natural. Shay Maria has a great body but not as perfect as glossy mags show celebrities’ bodies.

Look at this picture with care and you will find skin imperfections in the bikini area and veins in legs that most images of celebs never show.
Shay Maria Leg's Veins

Britney Spears 2011

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