How Celebrities present their pretty faces

Celebrities present their beautiful faces in different ways. Some wear lots of make up, others put their hair down or up, or picked different colours and outfits to give a completely different look to their amazing beauty.

I selected some recent pictures of these famous beauties so we can get inspired to get a change to present our beautiful faces too.

Ashley Benson: Has she gone through cosmetic surgery?
Ashely Benson shows her pretty face with this messy hair style.
ASHLEY BENSON at 7-Eleven’s Summer Slurpee Days

Irina Shayk Smiles and shows her lips and teeth
Irina Shayk shows her lips and smile in this picture + we also get to see a little bit of her breasts with this V-neck dress. I loved the straight hair.
IRINA SHAYK at amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Event

Helen Flanagan Facial Close upA bust picture of Helen Flanagan where we can see the roundness of her breasts, her pretty smile andd her fake eyelashes.

Minka KElly shows her pretty face that looks long
MINKA KELLY wears her long hair down at Redesigned Aqua Star Pool Unveiling at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.
MINKA KELLY at Redesigned Aqua Star Pool Unveiling

Jessica Alba with lots of make up 2013
Jessica Alba wears a strapless dress where we get to see her armpits, a bit of her busty shape, we get to see her long and pretty wavy hair and lots of make up.
JESSICA ALBA at Social Star Awards

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