Celebrities with Small Eyes

We all have different eye shapes, including the stars. Not all women enjoy of the eye shape they desired to have. Some women have very small eyes, even famous women.

Famous women with small eyes: Jessica Alba
Do you think Jessica Alba has small eyes?

Below we can see a picture of Sophie Turner who has very small eyes + she is not wearing the right make up for her eye shape.

Sophie Turner is one of the famous Hollywood stars with small eyes

According to Adina Zilberman from Makeup.com has an interesting article that includes the best make up tips for your eye shape. If you have small eyes the trick to making petite eyes look larger is not to “make defined lines because it will accentuate the eye’s small size,” Barose says. “Lines made on the eye should be slightly blurred.” Barose recommends lining around the eyes with a kohl pencil, like YSL Dessin Du Regard Crayon Yeux Haute Tenue, focusing more on the outer corners. Then smudge it with a Q-tip for a softer effect.

Who else has got small eyes in Hollywood?

I had to do some research to find an answer. I can tell you quickly who has big eyes. Mila Kunis for example is one of those famous ladies with big eyes but if we come to celebs with small eyes we have PAris Hilton (who also has a lazy eye problem), Taylor Swift has confessed that she became insecure about her eyes because she read that they were too small.

Paris Hilton Small and Lazy Eye

“I get insecure about my eyes.” Revealing the reason, she explained, “… because I once read a blog comment that said, ‘Her eyes are so small.’ I thought, Are my eyes small? Oh no – they are!”

Taylor Swift has small eyes?

Jennifer Hudson is another star with small eyes. Fashion Bomb says that the American singer is an inspiration for make up if you have small eyes.

Jennifer Hudson: Celebrity with small eyes

I don’t think there is cosmetic surgery for small eyes, although in Asia lots of women get cosmetic surgery to get their eyes reshaped.

Amanda Bynes is another star with really small eyes.

Amanda Bynes Small Eyes: Cosmetic Surgery?

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