Celebrities with stretchmarks in their tummies

Stomach stretchmarks are very common because we gain and lose weight.

I believe most women have them but when it comes to celebrities I spend a lot of time looking at celebrities bodies and they don’t seem to have any stretchmarks (not even celebrities that have had a baby).

The reaasons why celebs don’t show stretchmarks are:

- The images have been retouched
- Many celebs get tummy tucks and in the operation they get rid of the skin that has got the stretchmarks
- There are cosmetic treatments that reduce the appearance of stretchmarks

I love to see pictures of celebrities that have the same ‘beauty problems’ that we (normal women) have.

The picture is of Frankie Essex, it was published by the Daily Mail while she was holidaying in Miami.

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Celebrities with stretchmarks in their tummies — 2 Comments

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