Celebrities wearing mismatched underwear

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Kelly Brook wears mismatched underwear “all the time”.
The model-and-actress has often posed for sexy lingerie shoots and has even designed her own line of bras and briefs for British high street store New Look.
While she might look perfectly put-together when photographed, the brunette insists she often switches up her undergarments.
“All the time!” she exclaimed to British magazine Star.
“I don’t mind mixing and matching. I think most girls do. I do it with swimwear, too.”
The curvaceous star did add that it makes her feel “sexy” when her lingerie matches, with a black lace set being her go-to choice.
Kelly, 34, has dated a string of good-looking men, including Jason Statham and former rugby player Thom Evans.
She is drawn to guys with a keen eye for style.
“You want someone who has an interest in how they look… not too much, though,” she reasoned.
“No [I haven’t given a guy a makeover before], but I like buying men’s clothes, so I wouldn’t mind doing it.”
Kelly is famed for her curves and loves showing off her figure in revealing clothing.
She doesn’t own any control underwear but admits she might “invest” in some.
In general, she’s pleased to be a healthy role model for other young women.
“I’m so happy when women say that to me,” she gushed when asked if she sees herself as inspirational for curvy girls.
“I’m happy to be curvy and still a model. There should be a variety of shapes in magazines.”

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