More Celebrities with Wrinkles

Connie Britton's Wrinkles and Freckles

Above Connie Britton shows lots of wrinkles in her forehead and eyelids at 45. Who else has got more wrinkles in Hollywood?

Every year brings new things, some of them cannot be expected or planned but some others come for sure even when we don’t welcome them very warmly.

Wrinkles come with age and even when we would like to turn the time back we get new wrinkles and expression lines even without our consent.

Wrinkles are something very normal. We can look after our facial skin to prevent them but we all get them including the rich and the famous.

I was having a look to the pictures of the stars, because I was paying special attention to their make ups and hair-styles I got to observe closely the pretty faces of the famous women and I found this pic that I believe is worth of sharing: Amy Adams’s face has got some more wrinkles this 2013. Those lines are not at all an impediment for the starlet to look gorgeous, even the toughest critics accepted that the America Actress who is only 38 look was very close to perfection.

Celebs with wrinkles at 38: Amy Adams

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Another star that is not afraid of showing off her facial expression lines is Tina Fey. This is how she presented her beautiful face at the Golden Globe Awards 2013. She got help of natural make up and her úber-lashes to die for but she didn’t seem to have gone any kind of cosmetic injection to look younger. I really like her natural look and how she presents her natural beauty at 42 years of age.

Tina Fey's pretty face | Bust Picture

Another super star that really surprised me with her early wrinkles is Anne Hathaway, she is only 30 and she is already showing some wrinkles around her eyelids. The short hair emphasizes the lines but honestly Anne always manages to look pretty and natural. Here she picked a bubble-gum pink for her lips that really distracts the attention from her eye wrinkles to her pretty smile.

Anne Hathaway | Facial Close Up shows wrinkles

Below you can check Michelle Dockery who is only 31 with some early wrinkles around her eyelids. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Michelle Dockery Pretty Face 2013

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