Don’t think for a second that you are going to look like a Celebrity!! says Lauren Conrad

Finally someone who is famous is saying what I always tell my clients.

Don’t compare yourself with celebrities because you are never going to look as perfect as they seem This is what i say and Lauren Conrad says:

Lauren Conrad a natural beauty or cosmetic surgery?

“… Look at pictures of celebrities for artistic inspiration – cool eye-shadow color combos, blush placements, unexpected ways to wear your hair – but don’t think for a second that you should look like them. Because nobody does, not even them.”

In her book Lauren Conrad Beauty the young star wrote:

We are surrounded by absolutely unrealistic ideas of beauty because girls in photos are, well, not real. They’re the result of a hairstylist, a make up artist, a manicurist, a personal stylist, a tailor, good lighting correcting angles… And to get that one photo that makes the cut, sometimes a thousand or more need to be taken

And Lauren here doesn’t mention all the cosmetic procedures that celebrities go through that can go from Botox to more complex plastic surgery procedures. I wonder if Beautiful Lauren has gone through the knife or not.

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