Celebs that love wearing little make up: Keira

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" - Arrivals


Keira Knightley loves it when a film doesn’t require much make-up.
The gorgeous actress is famed for her chiselled features and signature pout and often plays the love interest for Hollywood’s hottest men.
Her latest venture is Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, a fast-paced action movie that is a far cry from the corseted period dramas she normally favours.
“It was a thrill and it meant I didn’t have to come in as early in the morning [for make-up], which was lovely,” she laughed to the British edition of OK! magazine.
“I got much more sleep than I normally do when I’m working.”
On the red carpet, 28-year-old Keira always looks beautiful in high-end designer gowns.
However, it’s a different story when she’s at home catching up on the latest scripts.
“[I read them] at home on the sofa. I normally curl up with a cup of tea and read my scripts,” she admitted.
Unlike many A-listers, Keira isn’t a big fan of getting all dressed up.
Instead, she prefers to only get glammed up occasionally, so as to keep it a fun rarity.
“As long as I do it rarely, then I enjoy it. It’s always nice to have an occasion to wear a silly frock and get dolled up but I’m not really that sort of person,” she previously revealed.
“[I wore] an amazing sparkling dress for the Venice Film Festival for Atonement. It was nothing like I’d normally wear and I felt like a princess.”

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