How Celebs Stay Slim

We get to see those perfect bodies of some celebrities that we wonder what they do to get them and even more to stay like that.

I have been reading lots of articles in magazines and in quite a few of online webpages that I thought it would be a good idea to keep a record of what celebrities say about the things that they do to be slim.

Miranda Kerr

I just have published an article of Miranda Kerr showing off her slender body in a Japanese Advert. She is gorgeous and has a great body shape. These are her secrets:

Miranda Kerr said in a recent interview that when it comes to maintainign her figure, she lets herself have a little treat every now and then.
She said: ‘If you want to have a little indulgence every now and then, then that’s okay.
‘Sometimes I’ll feel like some dark chocolate or sometimes I’ll feel like some French fries.’
However, Miranda added that it took a lot of hard work to lose her baby weight after giving birth to son Flynn, now 13-months old.
She added: ‘It’s been a lot of yoga and Pilates, and eating healthily. It does take hard work.’

Source: Femail DailyMail

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