Cellulite or Not? Halle Berry distracts dimple with breasts?

Jay Leno looking at Halle Berry's Sculpural Body

The media is covering how Jay Leno couldn’t move his eyes away from Halle Berry’s assets.

I understand how hard it must be not to look at Halle when she proudly flaunted her sculptural body in a LBD.

We all like to see the bodies of the stars and Halle’s bod is very particular. The actress is 46 or more and she has got an amazing and toned shape.

Halle Berry Legs and Breasts in a LBD

It is not clear if we can see some leg dimples or not but I believe the mother of one looks fantastic.

Halle Berry shows pretty legs, toned arms and a bit of breasts at Jay Leno's Show

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