Cellulite Reduction with Thermage Laser Treatment is Possible | See Video

thermage for cellulite reductionThis is the image of a patient that has used Thermage to reduce Cellulite on her legs and buttocks.

About Thermage

All Thermage procedures use a unique, patented radiofrequency technology (RF) for controlled heating of tissue that is backed by years of clinical research. The technology stimulates existing collagen and promote new collagen growth. Patients benefit from a single treatment and results can be subtle to dramatic depending on the individual patient.

How many treatments will I need?

Just one.

The Cellulite procedure by Thermage helps improve the appearance of cellulite in a single treatment without surgery, injections or downtime. With this special heat delivery tip, collagen-contracting heat is delivered deeply into the sub-dermal and fatty layers of the skin. This will cause the skin to tighten and firm while the new collagen creates an elastic foundation. Blood flow in the tissues is increased, further helping to reduce the lumpy bumpy appearance of cellulite.

When will I see Results after getting a Thermage Treatment to reduce Cellulite?

Immediate tightening occurs as existing collagen responds to the heat. New collagen production begins with final results seen in about 6 months. Improvement is gradual as this new collagen smooths bumpy and lumpy skin.

-No topical or injected local anesthetic, sedative or pain killers are necessary in most cases.
-An ink grid will be placed on your skin so that treatment energies are applied evenly.
-A clear fluid is applied to the treatment areas ensure good electrical and thermal contact with the skin and the treatment tip.
-With each energy pulse to the skin, a combination of cooling spray and RF energy is delivered. The spray continuously cools the outer layers of the skin to prevent overheating of the surface skin.
-Depending on your pain threshold, you may feel mild warmth, intense warmth (heat), or possibly very brief pain with each application of energy.
-Throughout the procedure, our Thermage Nurse performing the procedure will ask for feedback from you about your perception of heat and the level of discomfort you are experiencing. RF levels will be adjusted up or down accordingly so that therapeutic levels of heat are achieved without excessive discomfort.
-Treatment time varies according to area(s) treated and the number of times the tip is passed over the skin. A Thermage procedure can take between 1 to 2 hours depending on the area treated.

All this sounds great. I researched a bit more and I found some stories from other women who have had thermage. Some of them report Good Results, other women didn’t have any results and others do not have a good review about this product. The problem is that the majority of those stories are about facial treatments but I am sharing here one from a woman who lives in Sydney.thermage for cellulite reduction

Not a Good Story in Sydney

I had Thermage done in Sydney on may 7th 2007 and am currently experienceing numbness of the facial area and down my right side. I found the procedure very painful and toward the end when beneath my chin was being done I found it excruciating but was told to hang on in there, this lasted a minute and I was under the impression – no pain no gain, I am now terrified of what lies ahead. I have noticed a tightness in my face and am noticing an improvement but at what cost and where will i be in 3-6 months time. I chose this treatment as I was under the impression it was non-invasive and not dangerous. The Doctor who treated me also did some botox (on her recommendation), i am not sure if it was wise to combine the treatments. She was qualified to administer Thermage. I a so scared now, I don’t know where to turn.

My point here is that it is hard to evaluate if it was thermage, Botox or the combination and this was a facial treatment.

Careful! I am not recommending Thermage or any other Cosmetic Treatment. You have to make sure you understand the risks and make your decision based on what your surgeon can explain you about this treatment. Always make sure you see a qualified professional.

Source: http://www.smartskincare.com/reviews/product/firming_ninvproc_thermage_thermacool_20070605.html


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