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VelaShape™ promises to reduce your cellulite with minimal discomfort.

VelaShape safely increases your body’s metabolism of stored energy, increasing your lymphatic drainage and shrinking the cellulite away. The technology slims and smoothes the area being treated without any signs of treatment.

How it works

VelaShape incorporates a new combination of bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy and infrared light, along with vacuum and mechanical massage. Together, these therapies work to massage the skin smooth while targeting the fat below. The vacuum and mechanical massage first smooth the skin to enable even heat distribution, which helps to shrink the size of the fat cells and fat chambers which cause cellulite.

Benefits of VelaShape

The VelaShape procedure takes very little time to complete and is usually performed in a series of treatments. Most women see gradual results after the first treatment and can see a dramatically toned and contoured new figure after their fourth treatment.

The Results tha VelaShape is offering are:

-Smoother skin with a significant reduction in cellulite
-Slimming of the treated area without skin rippling

Liposuction patients choose VelaShape to help refine their slimmer body contours. If you’re concerned about the appearance of cellulite, contact a surgeon who offers VelaShape for healthy and more even skin.

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Make sure you understand all the risks of this treatment before you make a decision.

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Have you had a VelaShape Treatment?  What are your comments & Reviews?

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Cellulite Treatments | VelaShape in Sydney | — 5 Comments


  2. I’m a bit on the round side myself and I’ve heard someone say that you can actually see results after only 3 sessions. Can anyone confirm this? Can you actually see results after only 3 sessions?

  3. Hey Karina, thanks very much. A friend of mine actually had some velashape treatments and the change is actually visible after 3-4 sessions, so I have my answer. :)

  4. Can you please tell me what is a difference between VellaShape and VellaSlim? Any feedback on VellaSlim?

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