Chantelle Houghton’s Will Remove her 32F Breast Implants

I loved these pictures of Chantelle Houghton who shows her amazing curves in a tiny bikini even when she is not the kind of super skinny girl.

She looks gorgeous and she embraces her curves. We all should learn from her.

The gossip says that The former glamour model is planning to have 2 plastic surgeries. She wants to have her 32F breast implants removed, as well as undergo jaw realignment surgery.

The Daily Mail reports:

She has been in agony for months with pain in her jaw and mouth since she had a tooth out last July.
Removal of the tooth put her jaw out of line so Chantelle claims she has been unable to shut her mouth properly.
She told New! magazine: ‘As you know, since last year I’ve been experiencing problems with my teeth and jaw.
‘I feel like it has affected my whole body and I am in daily pain. I’m going to have realignment surgery over the next four months, so hopefully I can feel normal again.’
In the past, she has also suffered tooth problems due to her £10,000 veneers, which were fitted in 2010.
After fixing her jaw, Chantelle is also looking forward to having her implants removed, as well as a possible breast uplift.
She boosted her 32B chest to a F cup in 2007 following her split from ex-husband Samuel Preston.
However, just 18 months after, she admitted she already hated them.

Chantelle Houghton shows her curves in a tiny bikini

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