Cheryl Cole Pictures | Before & After Cosmetic Surgery

Cheryl Cole has gone through an amazing transformation during her career. She has gone through an amazing beauty evolution journey.

We can compare her before and after pictures and observe how different she look now to what she was before.

There is no cosmetic surgery that I have heard as confirmed for this singer but images suggest that she has received the help of cosmetic surgeons.

What we know is that she has spent a fortune getting her smile fixed. Look how different she looks now. This makes me think that sometimes there are things that represent an investment but they do provide results. Look how amazing her teeth look now. I can also tell that her nose shape is different too.

Cheryl Cole Before & After Cosmetic Surgery

Did Cheryl Cole get a Boob Job?

These images show how she has increased the size of her breasts.
Cheryl Cole has got a Boob Job?
Cheryl Cole has got a Boob Job?

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery experts say that Cheryl has also had lip augmentation and her nose has been reshaped.

I found old pictures of her and when I put them together we can see how her face has changed.
Cheryl Cole Before and After Being famous

She has also had cosmetic dentistry treatments. Again, I insist on how the look of your teeth can make you look much better. Some of these dental cosmetic treatments are not very expensive.

Cheryl also did something to loose weight and I am going to find out.

Cheryl Cole in 2003 and now

DailyMail / WireImage

This is a profile picture of Cheryl where we can admire her pointy nose and beautiful smile.

Many women wonder who was the singer’s cosmetic surgeons since they all believe that he has done a great job with the UK star.
What do you think?

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  12. I just think her teeth were perfect before, they looked unique.
    Also the nose was ok; a tiny nose looks a little exaggerated to me.
    When I compare her picture in the left she looks like was figure … so standardized and boring, but the way she looked naturally I think it’s better she has a face that you remember and different.

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