Chiara Ferragni on Madden collaboration

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Chiara Ferragni thought about the “best shoes” she’s ever worn for her collection with Steve Madden.

The Italian blogger and Guess model/spokesperson has teamed up with the footwear designer to create a range. Named after her own blog and first ever published book, The Blonde Salad, designs in the line include gold sneakers and black backless boots with straps.

During the creating process Chiara knew exactly where to turn to for inspiration.

“I started to think about the best shoes I’ve worn throughout the years, and Steve and I translated them into a collection,” she told

“Since I travel so much, I always go for comfy outfits like an oversized hoodie, stretchy jeans, and sneakers.”

Another method she used to know whether the shoes would look good was imagining them being worn. Chiara thought of her idols during this technique.

“Every time I have to create something, I start by asking myself, ‘What’s the dream piece I would love to wear?’” she explained. “Then I picture it on my favourite contemporary fashion icons like Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne.”

In a behind-the-scenes video, the 26-year-old beauty and Steve are seen in a studio taking part in a photoshoot.

Chiara sits and speaks to the camera about when she first stumbled across the fashion star’s footwear.

“I remember the first time I put some of his shoes on and I was very impressed by the fact that they were accessible but at the same time it was good quality,” she smiled.

Steve too shared his thoughts on how he wanted the collection to come across.

“Just a little twist, a little blindsided twist on what we do,” he grinned. “Recognition that there’s other great things out there – things that are cool that we want to be a part of.”

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