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before and after chin implants cosmetic surgeryChin implants is also known as either Chin Lift Surgery. Chin Tuck Surgery, Prosthetic chin implant, and Chin argumentation.

What is chin augmentation / implant?
Chin augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure able to improve the appearance of the chin with the use of an implant. When it comes to improving the aesthetic appearance of the face, the chin implant can be a very powerful tool. Chin augmentation can affect the contour of the face and also bring balance to the face by making the chin more proportionate to the rest of the facial features. This procedure is often combined with Rhinoplasty as an appropriately sized chin can balance out the strength of the nose. Chin augmentation may also be combined with other facial surgery to rejuvenate the face.

Am I a suitable candidate for a chin implant?
Good candidates for chin implants surgery include men and women who are in good health and are looking to improve the appearance of the chin.

People that look for Chin Implants normally have one of the following features:

•Imbalance in facial features
•Prominent nose
•Inadequate chin projection

Facial Plastics in Sydney say about Chin Implants:

Chin augmentation is a procedure performed to reshape and enlarge the chin. A chin implant may be recommended to patients having a rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) in order to achieve facial proportion. The size of the chin can magnify or minimize the perceived size of the nose and help balance facial features.

What is the implant made of for chin augmentation?
The surgeons use a pre-formed silicone rubber implants. Which come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on the correction which is needed?

Dr Sackelariou in Sydney says about Chin Implants:

The chin may be augmented with implants. We use Medpor implants for chin augmentation almost exclusively because it fixes firmly to the underlying bone and makes the implant virtually indistinguishable from your own bone. Chin implants are popular with men who want to achieve a stronger, more masculine look, while women usually opt for this type of surgery to balance their facial features. The chin may also be reshaped making it smaller or larger by reshaping the bone.

Chin Augmentation Surgery

Chin Surgery Procedures

There are two basic approaches to genioplasty.

Simple Chin Implants: In most patients a simple chin augmentation can be performed using a chin implant. This is a simple procedure where an implant is placed either through the mouth or with a small incision under the chin. The chin implant is inserted and the patients can almost immediately resume normal activities. There is only minimal discomfort with this procedure which only takes about 30 minutes.

Prosthetic chin implants: Prosthetic chin implant is used in rare cases it may be best to move the chin bone. In this technique The surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth to gain access to the chin bone. The lower portion of the separated bone is moved forward and wired in position. The incision in the mouth is then closed with sutures. Since surgery is performed through an internal incision, the patient has no visible scarring.

How long will I need off work?
Approximately 1 week.

Chin Implants Prices in Sydney?

At Peninsula Plastic Surgery in Manly they charge $2732

I am not recommending you to have a Facial Cosmetic Surgery. It is your decision if you want to go under an operation like this one. There are risks. Discuss them with your surgeon and make sure you are seeing a qualified cosmetic surgeon.



There are quite a few doctors that perform Chin Implants in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

If you consider having a Cosmetic Surgery Overseas you may think about Thailand. You can have Chin Implants in Bangkok, Phuket, and other areas of Thailand.

The Cost: Available upon request
Duration: One to two hours

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