Chloë Grace Moretz: Adams’ Body Rocks

DIRECTV Hosted Events At Sundance Film Festival 2014 - 2014 Park City.Who Chloë is in awe of?


Chloë Grace Moretz thinks Amy Adams must exercise “all the time” to maintain her figure.

The 16-year-old actress is a regular guest at awards ceremonies having made a name for herself in films such as Kick-Ass and Carrie.

She enjoys seeing what other stars wear to the events too and there is one in particular who Chloë is in awe of.

“I’m trying to think back to the Golden Globes – who looked really good?… Amy Adams! Oh, I love her style. She always looks amazing and her body is crazy good. She must work out, like, all the time. Kate Hudson, too, she always looks really pretty,” Chloë explained to, when quizzed about which celebrity’s style she likes.

When asked who else she admirers sartorially Chloë was quick to name her Laggies co-star Keira Knightley. The pair play friends Annika and Megan in the movie, who have a 12-year age gap between them.

“That’s hard. I don’t know! Keira – oh, definitely Keira, for sure. That’s a really good pick. She always has amazing style,” the teenager smiled.

Chloë also spoke about her own taste in clothes. The blonde star relies on her stylist to help her choose the right ensembles and appreciates the professional input.

“I’ve had the same stylist for past five years. Her name is Nell Kalonji. She’s great. She works at AnOther Magazine in London. She mainly does editorial,” Chloë gushed.

“[It's fun to take the editorial side into real life] yeah, that’s why I like her so much. She brings an editorial sensibility to celebrity fashion, which is usually so stale. It’s cool to have the British sensibility, too.”

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