Chloë Sevigny on fashion panel

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Chloë Sevigny will sit on the fashion jury for this year’s International Festival of Fashion and Photography.

The American actress is well known for her bold style choices, and is often named as one of the most stylish women in Hollywood.

She’ll be among nine other members of the fashion panel for the event that starts in April in Hyères, France.

“I feel I have been consistent in my mid-30s now onward. I am trying not to care as much, not being concerned about being judged. That is the stage I am at right now,” Chloë confessed to WWD.

Kenzo co-creative director Humberto Leon will be head of the jury this year, along with design partner Carol Lim for the 29th edition of the festival.

The designer says that Chloë has earned her right to sit on the fashion jury, and has experienced many fashion highs throughout her career.

“Chloë has a very strong point of view on fashion… When you look at the way she has dressed from when she was 16 until now, she represented all these different very big moments in fashion. She has gone through many interesting stages in her own fashion choices,” explained.

As well as her fashion duties, Chloë has numerous new film projects coming up including a new telling of a 1993 murder case called West Memphis Three.

She is also working on a style book and her latest collection for Opening Ceremony, according to WWD.

The stylish actress has said in the past that her favourite object is a jacket she owns.

“A denim jacket with ELVIS embroidered on the back that the actress Linda Manz wore in Out of the Blue. Linda and I worked together once; I asked if I could buy the jacket, and she said yes. Whenever I show it to people who love that film, they’re really jealous,” she previously told Harper’s Bazaar.

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