Chloe Sims Teeth Before and After

What has Chloe Sims done to her teeth?

These are two pictures of how they look now compared to how they look in the past.

The UK star has certainly done something to her smile.

The question today in Sydney4women is:

What has Chloe Sims done to her smile? I did my research and I found for you the following info:

Chloe Twitted last year (September 2011)
‘Really looking forward to getting my teeth finished, loving the top veneers and can’t wait for the bottom ones @HarleyStSmile excited!’

The London based Daily Mail also published that When a follower asked Chloe what she had changed by getting veneers, she replied: ‘There (sic) just as biG! And really really white!! Love them! Perfect teeth.’

Chloe also confessed last year that she was ‘petrified’ of going to the dentist to get her teeth fixed. The celebrity managed to overcome her fears and get that white smile done.

Do you like Chloe’s venners?

This is one of the most recent pics of Chloe. This is how she looks for the red carpet with her make up and hair done.

Chloe Sims with her hair and make up done for the TV Choice Awards 2012. Good facial close up where we can admire her white smile.

Of course she know she can distract the attention from her smile and direct it to one of her best assets: her large boobs and amazing body shape.

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