Choi’s musical collection

Eudon Choi - Presentation - LFW F/W 2013. Musical Collection

Eudon Choi’s Fall/Winter 14 collection is based on the UK’s 1960s music scene.

The designer is set to unveil his latest offering this Friday as London Fashion Week kicks off.

As he and his team prepare for the show, Eudon shared what music they listen to while getting in the mood.

“The collection is actually based on the early 1960s British music scene, so we’ve been listening to early Beatles and Rolling Stones quite a lot. But recently we have been mixing it up with Haim, London Grammar and Goldfrapp,” he explained to

“[The current mood in my studio is] tired but upbeat! As you can imagine it is quite hectic, but we’re really excited about this new collection.”

Eudon’s Spring/Summer 14 range was more feminine than his previous designs, with pieces including a floral jacket and pink midi dress

Rather than get stressed about putting on such an important event, the fashion star finds himself composed and more relaxed than usual ahead of his shows.

“Strangely the closer it gets to the day of the show, the calmer I get. On the day of the show, I am up really, really early so I give myself time to have a great breakfast as it’s probably the only time I will eat that day!” he laughed.

“I will use that time to sit in a nice quiet place and go through the running order of the show in my head and make any last minute adjustments. It’s rather like the calm before the storm.”

Mary Katrantzou is also showing off her collection as part of the bi-annual event this Sunday. The Greek designer admitted the atmosphere in her creative space changes regularly while she works.

“It changes every hour [in the studio]! Excited, happy, disappointed, stressed and excited all over again – all in the course of one day,” she smiled.

“There is no time to relax [after the show]! The next day it’s straight back to the studio to work on the Paris Sales campaign!”

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