How to choose the best Facial Plastic Surgeon

tips to choose your facial plastic surgeonCosmetic Surgery Consultants recommends to ask the following questions to your future cosmetic surgeon. With their answers you might be able to make a better informed decision and select the doctor that best suits you.

•Am I a good candidate for mini face lift surgery?
•What should I avoid prior to the operation?
•Can you explain the operation to me in detail?
•How many incisions will there be and where will they be placed?
•What benefits can I expect from the surgery?
•Can you show me before and after photos?
•How will I look like?
•What side effects and complications may I experience by undergoing the procedure?
•Will I have pains during or after the procedure?
•How long will it take before I can resume my normal activities following a mini face lift?
•How long will the results last?
•What is the recovery time?
•What cannot be achieved by having a mini face lift?
•What cosmetic procedures can be combined with mini face lift for a better effect?

The idea is that you fully understand the procedure, the consequences, the risk, how painful it will be, the possible complications.

I would add that you should also ask for before and after photos from previous patients, ask the number of similar procedures that your doctor has performed. Make sure your doctor is a qualified professional.

Sydney 4 Women does not recommend any of the doctors or procedures that your might find listed here. We just present this information for your convenience.

If you contact any of the doctors or cosmetic clinics listed here please tell them that you found them at

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