Choosing a Health Fund to be covered for Cosmetic Surgery | What to consider?

I have just received a call from a lady in Queensland who wanted to know a few things about choosing a Health Fund that would cover her better for a cosmetic procedure that she wants to get.

So…. some of the questions that came up are:

Do health funds cover part of some cosmetic procedures?

The answer is yes but you have to speak to your doctor and to your health fund first.

How much do they cover?

This depends on the procedure and on the type of cover that you have been paying for.

Is there a waiting period required?

Most of the times there is but you would have to find out first with your fund.

Is there a particular Health Fund that Cosmetic Surgeons prefer?

If you want to know this, I find it very hard for any doctor to confess it in written (you, know what I mean). You could ask your doctor in a different way with questions such as:

- Is there any health fund that you believe works out better?
- Do you know of any cover that would work better for my case?

Sydney Girls: Do you have any tips, recommendations or piece of advise that you can give to another lady that wants to go through cosmetic surgery and needs to be able to claim as much as possible from her Private Health Fund?

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