Chrissie Swan spoke about her Pregnancy Smoking Secret

Chrissie Swan Smoking: Pics at Women's Day

Emma Vidgen from Woman’s Day reported that Chrisie Swant has confessed that she has continued smoking during the pregnancy conditions and she spoke about it after she was caught by photographers smoking while driving.

For 6 months she has kept her smoking habit as a secret.

“I have kept the secret for six months, and I would have kept addicted and kept smoking and being racked with guilt”

The famous Australian presenter said that keeping it secret is because of how it affects your self-image.

“You have to keep it secret because you are so ashamed of what it says of what sort of person you are”

How far was she prepared to go?

It is believed that the Aussie personality was prepared to bid $50,000 dollars to keep those pictures secret.

Because she failed with the bidding she admitted on breakfast radio.

“This is a very big moment for me and I’m very nervous. Is it jus me or did you have trouble giving up smoking when you were pregnant? That is right, I have a confession, I have struggled terribly with totally giving up cigarrettes since I found out that I was pregnant”

According to her confessions she tried to stop the habit but that only worked for a few days.

“Time after time I’d win for a few days and then I would have a cigarrette and I’d feel terrible and racked with guilt”

was one of her brave revelations.

Chrissie Swan was in the cover of Women’s Day February 2013 where Ellen and Portia also appear in the cover with the news of s Secret Aussie Hollywood.

Ellen and Portia Bikini Bodies in a secret Holiday in Australia

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