Christina Aguilera’s Body | A Weight Loss Journey

The weight loss journey of Christina Aguilera is one the most popular topics in my sydney4women blog.

Christina has had a weight loss battle for the last few years, we know her since she was very young and she was a slim lady. In the last couple of years we have observed how she has put some extra weight on.

The famous singer still manages to take advantage of her curves and show them off as one of her best assets.

In my topic for body image and confidence I wonder if this would be an issue for Christina and if this affects women like you and me. I just want to show that even famous women have struggles when it comes to lose weight and it is hard to still have body that you had when you were 20.

Let’s check out other images of beautiful Christina. The before and after are some of the favourite pictures of my readers.

Christina Aguilera Gained A Lot of Weight this 2012 | Before and  After
Christina has gained weight and volume.

These are some of the pictures that we have seen from Christina Aguilera this year that show her journey with weight loss.

This is one of the most recent pics of the famous American singer.

Christina has to pay the price of being famous. We all talk about her body when she is slim and more when she puts extra kilos on.

Christina has been retouched to appear slimmer.

The singer has been very proud of her big bum.

Christina Aguilera Before and After Weight Loss 2012

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