Chung Peeved by Perfection

Alexa Chung Launches New Make Up Collection - Photocall.Alexa Cung  Displeased with Comments.

Alexa Chung finds people who always look good “annoying”.

The British fashionista is known for her fabulous fashion sense and style icon status.

Alexa finds it frustrating when she sees celebrities who constantly look amazing and would rather feel comfortable than glamorous.

“Don’t you get annoyed with people who always look good? I sometimes do,” she laughed to British magazine Grazia.

“I think, ‘You’ve put too much thought into that. Are you having fun?’ Kate Bosworth always looks good but sometimes other people, you know that’s a call ahead to the designer, because it’s not even in season yet.

“I hate opinions. I’ll ask for them, but if someone tells me they think something, I tend to do the opposite. Very annoying.”

Alexa, who recently turned 30, launched her debut cosmetics range with brand Eyeko last week. The brunette beauty is thrilled her ideas were given the go ahead and especially appreciated getting the seal of approval from her sister Natalie.

“I just couldn’t stop coming up with ideas! I love their eyeliner pen – it’s something I’m known for – and their mascara is the blackest black you can get,” she gushed. “I enjoyed designing the packaging with Alia Penner, this amazing L.A. artist. I think I drew it on a tablecloth at The Wolseley [restaurant in London]. I sheepishly showed it to my sister, who is the packaging designer, and she gave me the green light. She’s very talented, so it meant a lot.”

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