Chung’s Eyeliner Tips

Alexa Chung Launches New Make Up Collection - Photocall.Cgung´s Eyeliner Vintage Style


Alexa Chung applies her signature eyeliner in two steps.

The British fashionista is known for her cute vintage style, trademark messy locks and flick of black liquid liner.

Now the 30-year-old has let fans know how they can copy her desirable make-up look.

“This is pretty much how I wear my eyeliner every day,” she admitted to the latest edition of UK magazine Glamour.

“I love liner because it’s so quick to do and it’s versatile, it goes with whatever outfit I wear. My favourite shape is quite a thin black cat eye and I apply it in two steps: I do the corner flick on the outer corner and then draw the lash line from the inside out and join them together.”

Sticking to her favourite look means Alexa rarely experiments with colour.

As part of a shoot for the magazine, she tried out some navy blue liner to recreate her signature style with a twist.

“I’m not so keen on too much colour, I don’t think I’ve ever worn blue eye make-up,” the brunette mused.

“But I quite like the contrast of a classic liner shape in navy – it’s a bit Princess Diana.”

Alexa is all about the natural look, which means she rarely sticks on false lashes.

She also prefers her lipstick to have a messier feel.

“I love wearing a red lip – it has to be a matte pillar box or orange red. But it’s got to have that worn-in, casual feel – not drawn on or glossy,” she said. “I can’t bear gloss, it’s just too much.”

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