Beauty Tip: Circulation Boosters

Circulation Boosters Give your Body and Face More Circulation.

It’s official: Christmas is round the corner and it’s getting ever more wintry outside. While we can’t wait to get our hands on stylish stocking fillers and exciting New Year products, there’s one thing putting a dampener on the festive spirit: the cold. And while cranking up the heating and digging out your Christmas jumper are options when it comes to keeping warm, there are also ways to get your blood pumping to warm you from the inside out. Having good circulation is a must for warding off the chill and keeping your complexion beautiful during the colder months and luckily there are plenty of ways to help you out.

If your circulation is poor, you’ll quickly find yourself with chilly hands and feet and numbness in your limbs. Unfortunately, the things that cause your circulation to slow down are often more prevalent in winter. One major issue is a lack of exercise. With the colder months upon us, getting out there for a jog becomes far less appealing. A poor diet can also have an impact, which isn’t great news when winter brings with it cravings for comfort food and countless Christmas meals.

Maëlle London has a beautiful and sweet-smelling way to kickstart circulation in the form of its Circulation Boost Body Scrub. Take a shower and try out the hot-cold method, where you alternate quickly between bursts of warm and cold water. This will also help to get the blood pumping. Then give yourself a scrub down with Maëlle’s exfoliator. Sea salt helps to stimulate your circulation, while almond oil nourishes and lime oil awakens the senses. Exfoliating is essential, as it doesn’t just keep you warm but also helps your skin cell renewal along for a much smoother and healthier appearance. Using exfoliating gloves in the bath or shower will also help with your circulation, as will shower gel containing ginger. The plant is known to boost circulation and warm you up, so try a product such as Origins’ Ginger Burst shower gel.

It’s not just your body that needs an extra circulation boost during the colder months – it’s just as important to stimulate the flow of blood in your face. As well as using an exfoliator, try Oriflame’s Circulation Eye Power Accelerator Day/Night to help banish dark circles. If blood vessels around the eyes weaken, blood pigments can spread and form dark shadows. Bioclinic Circulation Accelerator uses Micro-Bright™ technology with haloxyl to fade this pigmentation and illuminate skin. In addition, extract of centella plant improves microcirculation and helps prevent further dark circles.

For an all-round circulation boost, it can also help to switch up your diet. Certain foods are thought to get the blood pumping, with cayenne pepper, oranges and ginger some of the most effective. Try switching your normal cuppa for a mug of ginger tea and you’ll soon be noticing a difference.

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