A-listers embrace ‘Clone Face’

Longchamp Regent Street Grand Opening Party - Arrivals.Actress Look Exactly the Same.

Too many Hollywood actresses are starting to look “exactly the same”, claims a top cosmetic surgeon.

There is a huge amount of pressure on stars to retain their youthful looks and some have resorted to undergoing procedures to delay signs of ageing. However, Beverly Hills surgeon Dr Richard Ellenbogen believes some A-listers are going too far in trying to maintain their looks.

“So many actresses are starting to look exactly the same – it’s weird,” Dr Ellenbogen told British magazine Grazia. “It’s a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes; nobody dare tell them how ridiculous they look.”

It has been claimed there is now a new trend in Hollywood, which is being dubbed the Clone Face. This sees women erasing wrinkles from their foreheads and emphasising their jaws and cheekbones – in a bid to look like an iconic British supermodel.

“The Clone Face ticks all the beauty boxes – it gives you a high, smooth forehead, sculpted lines, neat angular jaw, Kate Moss cheekbones and smooth doll-like skin all over. It’s so safe it’s almost Stepford Wife-like,” explained London-based dermatologist Dr Michael Prager. “But the trouble is, it makes all these actresses look related – they could be sisters. Beauty is what sets us apart – when you go for the textbook definition of beauty, like with the Clone Face, ironically you start to lose it.”

Dr Prager went on to discuss other beauty trends previously favoured by Hollywood’s elite.

“There was the pulled-back facelift that looked like you were in a wind tunnel. Then there was the over-inflated ‘Angelina Lips’ and the ‘Kylie Eyebrow’ that was permanently raised to the sky and made the wearer look startled,” he said. “That was followed by the ‘Pillow Face’ that made your face look puffy and plumped out and wiped out all facial features. Each one of those surgery trends had their problems because the women often went too far and people mocked them.”

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