Closer Pictures of Kate Middleton’s Breasts Not Any More on Ebay

I don’t think Kate ever imagined that her breasts would become so popular that people would even bid for her bikini pictures on ebay. In only a few hours the bid for an original magazine went to £122 but the chance to get them through an online auction is not anymore an option.

Closer and Chi Magazine Copies went out for auction on Ebay but they are not available anymore

ebay has decided to remove copies of Closer featuring the photos of the Duchess of Cambridge after shameless eBay sellers attempted to cash in on the topless photos by selling copies of the magazine on the auction website.
eBay’s decision came after feedback from mebers.
A spokeswoman said today: ‘Following strong feedback from the eBay community, we will be removing these items, and are already in the process of doing so.’
Bids for a copy of Italian ‘Chi’ magazine containing the images had by this morning reached a staggering £122.
A description of the magazine shows the offending image itself of Kate sunbathing topless.
It adds underneath that the magazine ‘features the much talked about topless photos of Kate Middleton’.
The description then insists that the magazine is ‘well worth it – 26 page spread!!’.
By 8am this morning there had been 26 bids for a copy of the magazine, with the top price a whopping £122.
The down market Italian magazine published 18 controversial pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on holiday.
And in a bizarre and at times embarrassing series of interviews its editor described Kate as a ‘Greek goddess’ and William as a ‘fine figure of man.’

Alfonso Signorini, 48, went ahead with the publication despite calls from Buckingham Palace to respect the couple’s privacy.
In a tasteless and trashy article accompanying the photos the magazine also commissioned a plastic surgeon Paolo Santanche to describe the Duchess’s body.
Signorini, 48, a former Latin teacher said: ‘I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. I don’t see how a topless photo in 2012 can create all these scandal and controversy. Kate is a very beautiful woman. What is the problem – and William is also a fine figure of a man.
‘All Kate is doing is sunbathing topless like millions of other women. They are a normal couple in love.’
The pictures are the same ones that were used in the French magazine Closer last week and which were taken while the couple were on holiday in a French chateau in Provence.

Source: Daily Mail

Kate’s picture in bikini are before her wedding.

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