Best Clothes for your Body Shape | How to dress & look Slim

Choosing Flattening clothes

The main objective when you select any piece of clothes is to make sure that those clothes make you look your best.


If you are not sure when you choose an outfit try to answer the following questions:

Does this piece show my assets?

Does it show more fat than what I actually have?

Am I elongating my figure or do I look square or round?

Does it look like there is a woman under these clothes?

Body Shape Best Clothes Better No Desired Result
Curvy Monochromatic SeparatesDresses and skirts that show your waist.

Big belts

Clothes that don’t over emphasize your curves.

Use your right size.

Avoid clothes that will make you look with more kilos. 

Clothes that are too tight.

Clothes that are too big.

Clothes that do not show your feminine figure.

Long and loose jackets


If you are curvy you have to elongate your figure and show off your assets. 

Define your waist and show your curves, don’t let other things that your curves are excess fat.


Petite Monochromatic clothesVertical lines

Empire-waist tops are great.

Thick fabricsHorizontal clothes

Pleated skirts or pants

Baggy clothes

Voluminous pieces

You have to create a strong vertical line never showing a horizontal or round shape.Show the sexy woman in that body.
Busty Vertical lines above the waistTops and dresses with V-Necks

Simple tops

Open neck tops & dresses

Fluid jackets

Wide beltsBulky sleeves

Stiff fabrics

Baggy tops

Show your curves.Create a visual effect where your neck looks longer.  Show that those are boobs not extra kilos.
Small Bust Belts that show your waist. Create a feminine figure. Small bust is an asset because it can show a skinny body shape.
Thick Arms The best sleeves are long or those that end just below the elbow.Kimono sleeves are also good.

V-Necks are favourable

Tight tops are not good.Puffy sleeves are not good either.

Tops with stiff fabrics.

Slimming your overall body shape and camouflage those heavy arms.
Wide Shoulders Feminine topsCardigans

Blouses with Vertical lines

Clothes that bring attention to your hips

Male style jacketsShoulder pads

Horizontal lines in shoulders


Show a feminine shape and smoothen the way your shoulders are seen.
Narrow Shoulders Light shoulder padsTops with horizontal lines

Tops with boatneck

Tight t-shirts Creating a feminine figure where shoulders and hips are balanced.
Extra tummy Colourful pants or skirtsTops that cover the tummy (tunics, jackets, etc)

Tops and dresses with empire-waist

Belts or anything that brings attention into the middle section. Create a long vertical line. Distract attention from the tummy to the face or legs.

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