Your Clothes Make You Look Fat or Hot

I never get tired to tell my friends, my sisters and my clients how clothes can work against you.

We do everything to look slimmer. We don’t drink the softdrink that we love, we skip the cake that grandma baked, we rather go plain carrots instead of fried chips but when we choose our clothes we put the extra kilos on just with our clothing choices.

Have a look to what Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012) did here.

Can you see how much bigger she looks with that unflattening red dress. The USA top model has got an amazing body and she is not only hiding it, she is creating volumen. Never make that mistake!

Highlight your assets and you will look slimmer. Remember that a woman body shape consists of Breasts, waist and hips. Show your femine body shape.

Click on the image below and check out Olivia Culpo’s amazing curves.

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