Clothes that make you look fat

PAris Hilton

Glamour Magazine says: Paris Hilton’s wardrobe falls foul of another faux pas. From her velour tracksuit to those non-descript trainers and a not-so-chic handbag – we give this look a DON’T stamp. What do you think?

Ashley Green

Ashley Green looks fat fit this large T-shirt. Image consultants Boy T-shirts are women’s enemies when it comes to looking slim. She definitely doesn’t show the body shape she has.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde doesn’t look as slim as she is with this dress that does not show her curves. If I was her I wouldn’t be wearing such a dress if she can afford to show of her great figure.

Rihanna is not showing of the curves that make men die for her. That top with feathers adds a lot of volume to her body shape.

The most important thing is that you feel happy with yourself and you can achieve that by looking your best, it costs the same to look great and look fat, regardless of your size!

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