Clothes that Natalie Portman wears everyday

Natalie Portman wearing shorts and Tshirt
Natalie Portman was seen out and about in Los Angeles filling up her car with petrol. With a very casual look the star only wears a simple pair of denim shorts and a green top.

Natalie Portman wears shorts an a wide top
The actress was seen again wearing cut off denim shorts with a wide top with stripes.

Natalie has not issues at all with her body, the star has got very pretty legs and is slim enough to wear those wide shirts with horizontal stripes that would be a NO for women who can’t really show a slim body.

Another recent picture is this one where the American-Israeli actress who is 32 was seen out and about in Venecia wearing a red dress with brown lace up-boots.

Natalie Portman wearing a red dress with short boots

The style of the star is very relaxed, the Oscar winner is beautiful and simple. She knows that everything suits her nicely. She is effortless schick.

About accessories: Natalie seems to give priority #1 to comfort when it comes to shoes.
If you observe well in these 3 different images the star shows 3 different pairs of sunglasses.
For her busy life style, as a mum the Israel-born celebrity needs big handbags.

Another casual outfit of the star: a Big Star tee, denim shorts and sneakers.

Natalie Portman wears denim shorts and a tee

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