Clothes are an important part of women’s life. We put together here some ideas of the clothes that you can wear that will definitely make your feel good about yourself.

See NightClub Outfits

Jordin Sparks poses showing her back
Jordin Sparks wears a little black dress during the Hollywood Black Film Festival. October 2013.


Miley Cirus | Concert Outfit | Demin shorts

Mummy’s Outfits

J Lo carries her daughter (wears a casual outfit)
Jennifer Lopez wears street clothes while performing her mother role carrying her beautiful daughter who is now 5 years old.

See more famous mummy’s wearing street clothes

Formal Dresses

Penelope Cruz wears a two pieces formal outfit

For the Premier of her movie The Counsellor Penelope Cruz was photographed wearing a body hugging skirt and an elegant top (red) with black shoes and handbag.

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