Do you like cold weather?

'The Class of 92' Film Premiere, London, Britain - 1 Dec 2013. VB 'loves' London weather

Victoria Beckham likes cold weather because it’s an excuse for a stylish coat.

The designer previously lived in sunny Los Angeles with her husband David and four children, but is now back in her home country, England.

While UK residents often complain about the constant rain, it’s something Victoria welcomes, as she says it motivates her to get up in the mornings.

“I love the weather in London, any excuse for a nice coat! I get up early, I work out, I take my kids to school,” she said in a Twitter Q&A for

The fashion star also revealed to fans how they can look great, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

“The best way to look chic in the winter is to layer up and focus on great accessories!” she advised.

As well as building her successful fashion empire, Victoria is a mom to boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and daughter Harper.

She admits that juggling her career with family life isn’t always the easiest.

“Being a working mom is always a challenge, I focus on planning thoroughly, separating my work time and family time. David and my children always come first,” she shared.

“It does get stressful, but I’m so blessed to have a job that I love so I can turn that stress into positive energy!”

Victoria also revealed that she likes to start her designs with neutral colour palettes and that she would sum up her line using the word “luxury”.

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