Farrell’s Friends Fear Fishnets

Collin Farrel Enjoys Keeping in Shape


Colin Farrell is teased by friends for being a “bee’s d**k away from wearing fishnets” because he does yoga.

The 37-year-old actor enjoys keeping in shape and makes sure he exercises regularly.

He especially loves the spiritual methods of working out, which include breathing control and meditation, despite what his pals say.

“I have mates that slag the s***e out of me for doing yoga, and think that it’s just a bee’s d**k away from wearing fishnets and pumps,” he laughed to GQ magazine.

He then continued to give advice to other men who are looking to get into the activity. One of the reasons Colin loves yoga so much is because it allows him to switch off his thoughts and focus on the movement of his body.

“So my response to those guys is – one of them in particular I took to a class and he changed his tune really fast. I find it really hard – it’s really physical and it’s really strenuous. I just love it,” he gushed.

“It allows me to two things simultaneously: it puts me into my body and out of my mind. And the mind is great, the mind is really important and we’ve got to coexist with it because it’s going to be there forever, but it’s a destructive voice at times – or has been in my life. So it’s nice to be able to switch it off or put it to the side and tell it to quieten itself down for an hour.”



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