Most Common Beauty & Skin Problems

Women in Sydney are very different we have different ethnic backgrounds and we live under different circumstances.

Among the most beauty and skin problems in Sydney we have the following:

Wrinkles – Google says that there are more than 27,100 monthly searches in Australia for the word “wrinkles”.  See other things that people searching for Wrinkle Treatments look for.  There are a few treatments for wrinkles in Sydney and in Australia in general.  They go from Wrinkles Cream to beauty treatments that you can get at beauty salons and now you can find more sophisticated treatments that involve the usage of high technology equipment.  Most of these cosmetic treatments are non-invasive but there is always the possibility of getting a cosmetic surgery procedure to reduce the appearance of wrinkles too.  Have a look to how many cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures  are performed in Australia every year.

Ugly Scars. Unwanted scars is another common beauty problem among women.  The scars that give us more headaches are: Acne scars, Surgical scars, Actinic Keratosis. Now there are treatments available to deal with this problem.

Sun or Age Skin Spots. Pigmentation spots is another problem that mainly women suffer of. The main reason is age or sun exposure. It can also be unwanted redness. Other women experience discoloration and uneven pigmentation. Also some women develop Melasma (mask of pregnancy).  Other women also suffer from Rosacea (even celebrities).

Cellulite.  We all hate it but we all have it, even celebrities.  It is believed than more than 95% of women develop cellulite at a certain stage.  There are treatments now that can improve the appearance of cellulite especially when it is very bad.

Stretch Marks.  That is another drama that women in Sydney and in all different parts of the world have to go through.  It is terrible I know but even celebrities develop them too.  There are creams to prevent it, creams to reduce it and now some cosmetic treatments that promise to reduce the appearance of those terrible stretch marks in our bodies.

Moles and Freckles. Although there is nothing wrong with them (only in some cases there are chances of skin cancer) many women hate them.  There are treatments now than can reduce them.  There are many celebrities that have put themselves to these treatments so we don’t see those freckles that they had before.

Vericoise Veins. We don’t want to understand why we just want to get rid of them.  There’s treatments now that promise to reduce them too.  Cosmetic Clinics promise to remove them fast and with no pain.

Excessive Sweating. If you don’t suffer from it you don’t know how terrible it can be.  Apparently Cosmetic Injections that work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles are helping too to reduce the excessive sweating. They are called hyperhidrosis injections.

Hair Loss. Hair Loss is another big problem that can affect women’s self-esteem.  There are treatments for this that are mainly hair implants.  Be prepared to pay big money if you are considering to get hair implants but at least there is a solution.

Unwanted Hair. On the one hand we dislike the idea of loosing hair, on the other we hate having facial or body hair.  Luckily, there are more permanent treatments that can help us get rid of if.  Laser Hair Removal is one of them and it does give good results indeed.  I can tell you my experience.

Crooked and Yellowish Teeth. Teeth can give us a big headache too.  They are quite important for us to look and feel good and they are expensive to look after.  Nobody likes to go to the dentist but we have too at least twice a year to make sure they are healthy and we stay away of troubles.  Your smile could change your face completely, it is worth spending some dollars in cleaning up your teeth.  There are other cosmetic dental treatments that you may want to consider.  Crowns, Veneers, Braces & Teeth Whitening are some of the treatments that would help you look nicer.

Unwanted Fat.  The nightmare of many women.  We all want to be slim and fit but only a few of us are happy with the idea of exercising and looking after our diet.  There’s many fitness options in Sydney and now you can also get a few “affordable” body contouring “non-invasive” treatments that can help you to get the shape you want.  There is always the choice of lipo or tummy tuck but those should not be considered as an alternative for diet and exercise (although some women do).

Talking about more particular parts of our body there is a bit of everything.


Some women hate having small boobs and they get a breast enlargement while others go for a breast reduction.  Other cosmetic procedures available for breasts are: breast lift, breast reconstruction (mainly for cancer patients) and even men get an operation to reduce the size of their breast (this is called gynecomastia).


Nose, Ears, Mouth, Cheek, Chin, Neck, Wrinkles.  What is what you don’t like?  Now there is a solution for everything.  It is not that I recommend Cosmetic Surgery but I believe that if there is any particular part of your body that really makes you feel unhappy then why not going for a treatment?  Cosmetic Surgery involves risks and one of them is the chance of not liking the results (considering that everything goes well like the majority of the cosmetic procedures). There are also “non-invasive” cosmetic procedures that could help you improve your appearance like Thermage, Fraxel, Laser, Botox Injections, Dermal Fillers and many others. Have a look to this NeckLift Before and After Thermage image.


Some women cannot live happy with their bodies or a part of their bodies they don’t feel happy about.  Body procedures include: calf implants, body shaping, tigh lift,, buttock implants, arm lift.

Is there any other Beauty  or Skin Problem that you would like to include on this list?

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