Skin Computer Assessment to detect Vascular Abnormalities & Pigmentation Conditions

Using a revolutionary RBX technology an analysis of the skin can be performed to detect pigment abnormalities and vascular conditions. Wrinkle counts of the skin can also be undertaken to assess your skin and compare it with the normal for other subjects of similar age.

A detailed analytical report is then produced which will determine a specific, patient-tailored treatment programme.

The progress and ultimate success of treatment can be documented by further analysis using VISIA®, thereby proving the effectiveness of our customized treatment programme in a way never before possible.

Contact us by phone or email for an obligation free skin assessment using the revolutionary VISIA® system.

The VISIA® system has revolutionised the process of skin analysis so that the ageing processes of the skin can be identified and appropriately directed treatment programs developed. This patented, specialised, imaging device looks beneath the skin surface, analysing vascular (red) disorders and hyperpigmentation (brown) discolourations. Melanin and haemoglobin are primary elements in the development of skin tone and colour. Abnormal melanin depositions are suggestive of extensive exposure to sunlight, or inflammatory skin conditions such as acne. Melasma is another abnormal deposition of melanin that commonly occurs in pregnancy or in women who are taking the oral contraceptive. Increased or abnormal levels of haemoglobin are found in disorders of blood vessels as in conditions such as rosacea, skin telangiectasia (or surface veins) and acne.

The revolutionary RBX Technology, developed by Canfield can accurately diagnose and assess your skin even quantify the extent of these abnormalities and identify an appropriate method to alleviate the specific problems by the use of focussed treatment programmes.

Of great value is the ability to repeat the investigation at the end of programme specifically developed for your skin condition. In this way the effectiveness of your treatment can be demonstrated and documented in a manner never previously available. These may include IPL, Fractionated Laser Rejuvenation, microdermalinfusion, skin peeling and dedicated home maintenance programmes developed by Rationale®.

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